Every skin bundle in Valorant: All skins, prices & tiers

Valorant, like many other games, features a vast range of skins that you can equip, enhance, and modify to make your arsenal feel a lot more personal with a touch of your taste.

This guide will go over every skin bundle in Valorant, and their respective skins, prices, and tiers as well as all you need to know about them to make the best option for your next potential purchase!

Last Updated: Patch 5.09

Newest skin bundle: Soulstrife

What is a Valorant Skin Bundle?

Riot typically releases brand-new skins with each patch every two weeks in the form of skin bundles.

Each bundle will typically include weapon skins – usually featuring five in total – as well as additional gun buddies, player cards, and sprays.

When you buy a bundle, some of the cosmetics are either cheap or complimentary. The bundle price contains a melee that is equal to the entire cost of the other gun skins, and any sprays, gun buddies, and cards are free. When contributing to the bundle pricing for bundles lacking a melee, all weapons receive a discount of roughly 33%.

Valorant Champions 2022 skin bundle
Riot also releases exclusive skin bundles during events.

How many Valorant skin bundles are there?

Since Valorant’s release, there have been a grand total of 62 Valorant skin bundles released since the game’s launch in June 2020.

The in-game shop may function differently than in prior games you’ve played. The marketplace is manually refreshed every 24 hours, bringing you new skins every day.

Skin bundles, however, are rotated in and out of the shop every few weeks with each patch, giving you plenty of time to get your hands on each one.

How are Valorant skins priced?

Valorant skins are priced by being separated into five different tiers. It begins with the cheapest – “Select Edition”, all the way to the most expensive “Ultra Edition” and “Exclusive Edition” tiers.

The price table we’ve put below breaks down the tiers in prices:

  • Select Edition – 875 VP ($10) per individual skin, 2930 VP- ($34) or 3,500 VP ($41) per bundle.
  • Deluxe Edition – 1275 VP ($16) per individual skin and 5,100 ($62) per bundle.
  • Premium Edition – 1775 VP ($23) per individual skin and 7,100 VP ($82) per bundle.
  • Ultra Edition – 2475 VP ($30) per individual skin and 9,900 VP ($119) per bundle.
  • Exclusive Edition – Price may vary.

Based on the edition, skins have different perks such as – custom animations custom shooting and reloading sound effects and even death animation. You can also use Radianite to upgrade your skins.

All Valorant skin tiers and respective prices
All Valorant skins are separated into five different tiers.

All Valorant skin bundles

Ultra Edition


Release date: July 10 2020

Protocol 781-A

Release date: January 11 2022

Spectrum Collection

Why is Valorant Spectrum Bundle so Expensive? An Insight into the Costliest  Bundle » FirstSportz
Release date: September 8 2021

Exclusive Edition


Release date: September 21 2022


Release date: December 23 2020

RGX 11z Pro

Release date: October 5 2021

RGX 11z Pro 2

New Valorant RGX 11z Pro skin bundle
Release date: April 27 2022

Sentinels of Light

Release date: July 21 2021


Release date: July 8 2021


Release date: August 4 2020

Glitchpop 2.0

Release date: February 2 2021


Release date: October 13 2020

Prelude to Chaos

Release date: June 22 2022

Premium Edition


Release date: October 4 2022

Valorant GO! Vol.1

Release date: February 17 2021

Valorant GO! Vol.2

Release date: 21 September 2021

Gaia’s Vengeance

Release date: March 1 2022


Release date: February 15 2022


Release date: April 1 2021

Magepunk 2.0

Release date: November 16 2021

Radiant Crisis 001

Release date: November 2 2021


Release date: August 24 2021


Release date: June 9 2021

Tethered Realms

Release date: May 26 2021


Release date: June 2 2022


Release date: March 2 2021


Release date: February 8 2021


Release date: November 14 2020

Ion 2.0

Valorant Ion 2.0 skin bundle
Release date: October 19 2022


Release date: April 27 2021


Release date: Beta / November 3 2020

Reaver 2.0

Release date: August 10 2022


Release date: November 1 2022

Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster

Release date: September 30 2020


Release date: September 15 2020


Release date: September 1 2020


Release date: August 21 2020


Release date: July 21 2020


Release date: June 13 2020

Doodle Buds

Release date: April 13 2022


Release date: May 25 2022

Xeno Hunter

Release date: June 8 2022

Deluxe Edition


Release date: February 2 2022


Release date: December 8 2021

Nunca Olvidados

Release date: October 20 2021

Winter Wunderland

Release date: December 9 2020


Release date: March 2 2021


Release date: July 21 2020


Release date: May 12 2021


Release date: April 21 2021


Release date: January 20 2021


Release date: November 17 2020


Release date: Beta


Release date: Beta

Team Ace

Release date: March 16 2020


Release date: May 19 2022

Select Edition


Release date: Beta


Release date: 18 March 2021

Prism II

Release date: January 22 2021


Release date: December 3 2020


Release date: March 24 2022


Image Credit: ValorantStrike | Release date: June 25 2020


Image Credit: ValorantStrike | Release date: June 2 2020


Release date: Beta


Image Credit: ValorantStrike | Release date: June 2 2020
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